Fa: As luck would have it



Welcome back, everyone! Boy oh boy (and ‘girl oh girl’, for you politically-correct among us), do we have a treat for you this time. We start out in a pussy-laden neighborhood of Bangkok just teaming with night-life, shoppers, commuters and hopefully… freelancers or horny foreigner-lovers looking for some action. Surveying the lay of the land, we soon spot a beauty in heels with a short red dress but she’s too far to catch up without running and drawing attention to the situation from everyone. Crap. Later on, as luck would have it whilst waiting atop a platform, John’s destiny changes as one of the girls we got to spy on from afar appears right in front of him. Quick! He wastes no time in sparking up a conversation and doesn’t give any time for her to have a moment to think the situation over before they just headed off walking together… destination unknown. You can tell real quickly that she’s into white guys because she has a huge smile, difficulty making long periods of eye contact without laughing and covering her face as well as being totally agreeable to any request for time together.
Just to keep all things honest, guys, we don’t always luck out. There are many times that any number of us get this far with a girl, about to head to the hotel, ready to take pics easily, etc, but at that moment of magic, the moment you touch them or try sealing seal the deal on way to the hotel.. the girls flake right off. It’s either nerves, fear of their families finding them online, fear of competing freelancers and bargirls finding out and ruining their name or just plain scared of what a white man’s primal endowment and desires would do to their precious parts. I’m serious when I say this. We’ve had times where the moment they unzip one of us, they laugh, scream and grab their purse, clothes and cell phones… still trying to frantically dress themselves half-way out the hallway proclaiming “uh uh dat too big!”
Not this time.
Complimenting her looks by saying how she could be a model, John suggested doing a professional photo-shoot of her back at his hotel and very quickly, she was agreeable to the whole thing. I dunno guys… this fresh lil 18 year old is just one of those girls you know are so curious, excited and horny to try it that you can already taste the success! En-route, we learn that she’s a student and that her English is not the best. That’s ok, we like it that way.
Fast forward to the room, we see a flip-flop of emotion between shy, bold and impatiently waiting for action on her part. Posing, we get ample views of her delicious body and sweet little curves with each touch and position-change as she becomes more and more excited. This girl can hardly wait and neither can we! Becoming familiar with her majestically soft & hairy pussy, you also see on her face before a barrage of oral compliments were paid to each other, mouthful by mouthful. My God man… did she ever show her love and appreciation! Lost in her own quiet orgasm, she first becomes enthralled in passion on her back before jumping on and taking over. What a girl! Even in doggie, that ass still did not stop pounding him as hard as he gave it to her. It was no surprise that at this moment, a bevy of semen poured into her most inner regions, teasing an accomplished body-tingling sigh from our lil lady here. Until next time guys, stay happy and stay horny!


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